Products and Services

Rotterdam Maritime Group offers a large variety of products and services comprised in five sectors:

  • consultancy
  • industrial
  • multi-modal transport services
  • financial engineering
  • training

RMG's core business can be described as:

  • development of multi-modal transport services
  • port development, port management and operations
  • privatisation and financial engineering
  • design, construction of infrastructure, superstructure and equipment
  • survey, dredging and protection of the marine environment
  • management information systems, terminal automation, vessel traffic management
  • development of value added services
  • transfer of transport and maritime expertise

The joint expertise of the participating Rotterdam companies is offered in these main areas. The Group is able to constitute multi-disciplinary project teams with unique expertise of all processes and systems, be it administrative, technical or in the fields of training and human relations.
The RMG member-companies have successfully co-operated already in a variety of large projects, guaranteeing optimum project execution and control. As part of a large group, the experts involved have access to a great number of information sources pertaining to all direct and indirect aspects of maritime, road and rail transport and their present-day requirements.

Consulting services will be executed by the facilitating company RMG CONSULT BV (Private Limited Liability Company)