RMG, Your Partner

The Rotterdam Maritime Group (RMG ) is a joint venture of some 10 private enterprises located in the Rotterdam region.

The group has a strong position within the international service sector and is engaged in a large variety of activities in the field of multi-modal transport. It offers its clients services which concentrate on the optimum functioning of the entire transport network be it maritime, road or rail. RMG activities are related to both public and private tasks.

RMG is able to carry out the largest projects, such as economic and technical studies, design, construction, dredging, equipment supply, financial engineering and training. Within the Group all aspects of multi-modal transport activities are covered, both theoretically and practically. Members of the Group include port and terminal operators, training institutions, port services companies, banks, insurance companies, software houses and specialised consultancy firms. The concentrated expertise of Rotterdam, the world's transport power house, is available to the Client.